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I'm riding a roller coaster not of my own making
Life's ups and downs buffet me around
Like driftwood in the sea
Until I want to give up
It's a viscous circle designed to test your strength
And mine is failing
I fight daily with a monster that stalks me
Keeping him at bay
Today I may win, today I may lose
Yet I keep fighting
Sometimes I wonder why
Is life really such a prize to be valued?
Or something to be laid down when you're too weary to fight anymore
Is it worth the struggle?

Rose Waugh ©2002


Each moment we live is a choice.
A choice to take the good moments as they come,
Taking delight in each as it passes your way,
Releasing them with joy, and holding fast to the memories.
A choice to see the bad moments as only temporary
Fleeting things, allowing them to pass quickly,
And let them go.

Rose Waugh ©2002


The tapping of rain against the windows
Takes me back to a November day
Wrapped in each other's arms
The outside world ceased to exist
Two lonely people sharing the comfort
Of each other's warmth
Each other's passion
Each other's joy
That time is long gone now
A thing of the past
Only memories remain
And a haunting feeling of loss

Rose Waugh © 2002