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You've come back into my life
How long will you stay this time
Or will it be like the last?
Chasing off after some dream
You haven't changed
Yet I see you with different eyes
You're not the one I desired
He's gone.
Did he truly exist?
Or did I imagine I saw in you
What I wanted, what I needed
To fill my lonely hours

Rose Waugh ©2002


Oh that I could know the desire
And feel the passion return
Wrapped in the arms of a lover
Whose soft words and warm touch
Would fill my aching heart
And ease this loneliness
Once it was you
But you've gone
Like a dream now faded and distant
Once I could look into your eyes
And see there a tenderness that is no more
Once I could feel your hand in mine
Warm and comforting
Once I could wrap myself up in you
Now I feel alone
And sad
And empty

RoseWaugh ©2002